Submitting Artwork

The Tree River Circus would like to submit an on-going call for artistic submissions.

The Gallery:
We at the Circus are currently putting together gallery of local artwork that portrays Pittsburgh and the environment. We are looking for paintings, mosaics, drawings, statues, and artwork of all varieties that are relevant to the theme of Pittsburgh's unique history, culture and environmental struggle.

How to Submit:  
To submit artwork for the gallery, please send a picture of your paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, photography or cartoons. Include a brief description of the piece. The description should include the materials used, if applicable.  Send .jpg, .png, .gif, or .bmp files.
Please also include a brief bio, including a cover page with your name, e-mail address and phone number. 
This should be sent via e-mail to Athena KitchenFlint at

Selling your work: 
Artists are welcome to sell their artwork at the Circus.
If you would like to sell your artwork at our event, we only have two requests:

1.) If your artwork is chosen to be part of the gallery, please allow it to be displayed during the entire day. If it is sold, please arrange for the buyer to pick up the piece after the event has concluded.
2.) Please consider donating 10% of your proceeds to a good cause. The Tree River Circus is currently looking for an environmental non-profit organization to be the recipient of all donations and event profit.

If you would like to sell artwork that has not been selected for the gallery, please refer to the vendor page to learn how to set up a vendor booth through Sundae Market.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Athena KitchenFlint