Circus 2011

Welcome to your source for everything about 2011's Tree River Circus!
Here, you will find schedules, maps, a guest list and anything else you could wish for!

The 2011 Circus will be taking place on July 24th from 11am-4pm.
It will be taking place on the North Side in Allegheny Commons.
For directions, click here!

We have a great variety of Artists and performers this year. Our schedule of events is listed below.
For a list of Artists featured in our gallery, Click here!
Check back soon for more information about the performances and artists who will be in attendance!

Brief Opening Ceremony
Pittsburgh, The Man, poem by Jill Khoury (Read by actor)
Braddock After Dark, poem by Shaina Bazyk
Taps, by Angelica Bondy (Performed by Denise Williams)
Pittsburgh People, song by The Woo Hoo band
5 Weeks ago, by Liz Sumner (Performed by actor)
Music by Mitchell Bell 

Curtains, dance choreographed by Rachael Petrill
Benton's Eulogy, written and read by Roy Fischer Jr.
The Kayak, written and performed by Robert Isenberg
Rachel Carson Homestead talk about Legacy Challenge
Silent Spring, composed and performed by Ryan McMasters

Don't Woo Me, Chicago, poem by Christine Wolfe
Music by Ryan McMasters
Surviving the Allegheny, poem by Christine Wolfe
A Class Act, poem by Christine Wolfe
Nature vs. Nurture, dance choreographed by Rachael Petrill
Allegheny River, poem by Marlene Goldsmith

Music by Seán O'Donnell
Taps, written by Angelica Bondy (Performed by Denise Williams)
Music by Kimberlee Fought
Brief Awards ceremony

Kryptonite and Superman, song by Dan Friedson
Reading by Brian O'Niell
Music by Benjamin Saalbach-Walsh
The Stephen Faloon Trail Series by Samantha M. Seaman 
Pittsburgh's Evolution, written by Nicole Sebula (read by actor)
Brief Closing Ceremony