Tree River Circus is excited to announce some of our special guests joining us Sunday!!

The Tree River Circus is pretty excited to announce that we have some special guests joining us on Sunday!

Aside from our fantastic line-up of musicians, poets and writers, we have a few people who will be on site during the circus to entertain you all on the sly. Here's a preview of who to keep an eye out for!

Self-proclaimed the shortest bearded magician in Pittsburgh, Sam Wise provides magical entertainment of all kinds! He's performed at many events, including the Pittsburgh Open Market, Circus on the Mount and the International Children's Festival. Sam Wise will be wandering the crowd with lots of fun magic tricks up his sleeve, so if someone approaches you and pulls some leaves from out of your ears, don't worry, it's just a fantastic magician. 

Around noon, we'll have a special guest appearance from Franktuary's roaming truck. They will be selling some fantastic hot dogs and foods of joy. Be sure work up a nice appetite so that you can fully appreciate the goodness of Franktuary. And when you're gorging yourself on delicious food, you can feel extra wonderful about yourself. Franktuary donates a percentage of all their sales right back to charity. Oh, and they also offer a vegetarian and grass-fed beef option. Sweet. 

Event Airbrushing specializes in custom airbrushing for local events, tournaments, cheer / dance competitions. They will be on site to make you your own personalized t-shirt on the spot! Event Airbrushing has generously agreed to donate 10% to the Emergency Tree Fund, so the more t-shirts you buy, the more trees you save.

Michelle Andreko, purveyor of fine carnival food
Michelle Andreko, a true carnie at heart, will be selling freshly popped popcorn and nice fluffy cotton candy all day at the circus! She has generously agreed to donate 10% to the Emergency Tree Fund, so don’t feel guilty when you go back for seconds. Besides, we hear she’s offering discounts for people who reuse their cotton candy bags! How green! (Speaking of green, guess what color the cotton candy is!)

Luke Bruehlman
Local filmmaker, musician and actor, Luke Bruehlman will be the Circus' very own wandering Troubadour. To remind us all of Pittsburgh's steelworks history, Bruehlman will be singing old union songs. The songs of the Pittsburgh working man. The songs of strength, hope and lots of dirt.  

William Laszlo Holman
William Laszlo Holman will be joining the Tree River Circus as the Ring Master, extraordinaire.  For a preview of his fantastic face, look at our facebook album for the Circus!

Keep checking back for new special guests!

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