Our Dreams for the Circus

Over the past few weeks, we have been rallying together local artists, writers, musicians and actors who want to take part in this event. They have offered us poems, music, monologues, artwork and all kinds of creativity inspired by the Steel City.

However, we want to make sure that our event also explores local environmental issues. We are looking for local scientists and environmental activists to join us. They would be given the opportunity to set up booths and learning stations about the local ecosystems and the challenges they may be facing. This would be the perfect opportunity for people passionate about the environment to share their knowledge with others, and to spread awareness about issues such as fracking, river pollution, park restoration, invasive species, and so much more.

We are also looking bring together local environmentally conscious vendors. The crowd drawn to the circus will be full of people who are interested in exploring new ways to buy environmentally friendly products and foods. This would be the perfect opportunity for businesses to spread the word about themselves and their missions.

Of course, no circus would be complete without a few clowns. We are looking for variety acts to join us: clowns, jugglers, balloons, face painting and so much more! We want to make sure that this event is fun for all.  Talking about environmental issues can sometimes be overwhelming, and we know that it is important to emphasize joy and wonder, rather then the doom and gloom that so often goes hand in hand with this topic.

All together, we want this event will be full of people who are passionate about their love for this city and all it holds. It is meant to be a celebration, as well as an opportunity for learning. It is our hope that everyone attending this event would feel their love for this city grow ever deeper, and that would be instilled with a sense of wonder about this fantastic city and all of the nature within it.

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